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We live in a day.

Where media and information has become like a for profit corporation where the Stories and topics that gain play and airwaves are the ones that will paint a picture that benefits the agendas of whatever institution has their hands and interests in the media platform being used.

So consider this a call to action for all of the media consumers out there to have a filter on to be able to discern the truth from all of the faucets out there circulating the internet today.

To be able to seek out and discern the truth for themselves not just accepting something just because it’s on Fox News or CNN or all of these other television or radio or media outlets.

A prime example.

Is the overwhelming media coverage of the allegations against Bill Cosby who supposedly according to the media allegedly Assaulted or took advantage of a number of different women who continue to surface out of the woodwork from many many many years ago.

I’m sure if you weren’t living under a rock for the past year or so that you probably heard something about it and maybe have formed your own opinions about whether he was guilty or innocent.

Well the intention of this post is not to bring up the debate of whether he did or whether he didn’t it is strictly the fact that when he was proven innocent and the charges were dropped, The media conveniently do not cover that fact, but however left the tarnished image of his legacy in the minds of those who didn’t filter for the truth themselves.

We are committed to a spirit of truth here at JWR Media.

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