Tech Guys On Stand By


Here at Jwr media,

We understand the ever constant nature of technological needs and solutions therefore we offer Around the clock technological assistance As an added bonus for those of us who are enrolled in a monthly plan with One of our media plans.

But what If I just need advice?

Regardless of whether you need our guys to main frame over into your computer to Give it a full analysis and proper diagnosis to find out what is not only the problem but what is the root of the problem what is causing it, Or you simply just looking for more information about this new Piece of technology that you were looking To get a better handle on using you can definitely give our guys a call and they will be able to have fully assisted to the best of their well trained ability.

Our guys have went through an extensive training program to be able to help and assist whatever your needs are in a very timely manner and can potentially save you hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Call the Best..

Visit either our home page or go to our main website for more information about the plans And the pricing of the packages that include the tech guys feature as an add on.

And if the problem is something that could be handled and dealt with Via remote operation then it will be no service charge but if there is a need for Our guys to travel 20 miles outside of their zone then there will be a small service fee..


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