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You NEED marketing knowledge nowadays if..

You are like me a full of great big ideas yet also understand the capability of delivering a necessary message to the masses who are hungry to see more light and to experience more hope towards a better place and time in existence where we don’t have to enjoy our freedom while still yet stifling the cries of those who are still in a reality of oppression with little to no representation as we turn a deaf ear to the cries that are even our own when we reach the top of what we know and where our current level of awareness and understanding had brought us to.


Send that back to where it came from, How dare someone who has been blessed, saved, favored, and refined as I have been, disgrace the graces that have been given to allow the manifestation of God’s excellence bring wise and caring rule throughout this turbulent and broken world through this broken vessel who has a heart disposition that is humbled into service and submission of will to the Almighty in whom is ALL of the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory forever and ever AMEN…



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