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Are You Ready for the truth?

Can you stand the heat of looking inside at yourself and your habits to see if there’s some kind of Disproportionate reliance upon The crutch of comfortability convenience and ease that seems to be seeping more and more into humanity through the medium of technology?

Some months ago I was having a conversation with a constituent of mine, And we actually converted the conversation into a podcast where we were just discussing on our take on this generation called Generation X, And how we can see that many of the you th are taking on an unhealthy obsession and maybe a disproportionate amount of unfocused time and wasteful effort in this technological age.

The saddest thing about it is the fact that in this day and age you could do so much quickly efficiently and build Something so magnificent in just above and beyond with anyone in the previous ages without these tools and resources could even imagine.

But sadly we look at the current state of affairs and see that these young people are obsessed with how many likes, Comments shares retweets DM’s instant messengers in snapchat videos these young people can get just to fill their desire for attention.

As A Company that offers solutions into the world of media and technology,

Considered this message as us fulfilling our duty to make sure that those are who are engaged in this thrilling and amazing ride of advances in technology Understand that you have to have a narrow focus, discipline and purpose to make the must out of what’s in your hands.

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