Are You Lost at Sea with technology?


Are You Lost at Sea with technology?

It is undeniable that we have seen technological advances of massive proportions within the last 10-20 years.

It seems like only yesterday when we had the flip phones or the Razor was the hottest thing running, or even how the BlackBerry was the standard for what was the best in handling mobile business and office operations.

But oh my have times changed, A LOT faster than many if us would like to allow ourselves the learning curve that it would take for us to catch up to speed and educate itself on every new  gadget and gizmo that reaches the market.

And even with all the updates and upgrades, I can actually totally understand your apprehension if the extent of your use of the phone growing up was to simply dial by turning the circular number pad in hopes of hearing an answer from the monotonous dial tone.

Nowadays we have phones that can pinpoint coordinates on planets in outer space, can give a medical facility quality x-ray, can eliminate the necessity for music studios, and video production companies.

So basically, if you are feeling how I described in the title as far as list at Sea with all this technology, I apologize if you thought you would find comfort about declining to participate in the way I see the world continuing to turn..


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