Winning on Internet Marketing


I am a big believer in marketing and am always looking for ideas and techniques to connect with new customers.

Some people use many different avenues to get their business started. Some of the major players are, Yellow Pages, direct mail, and other advertising channels…but at some point, we all know they stopped being as effective as they once were.

The trend of most businesses online projects that its best to get your website and social medial sites up and running asap! If not you will lose.

Our team at JWR Media loves to help other businesses. We work with a diverse set of clients but the results are the same – successful. We set up new website with hundreds of pages covering the cities that you work in.

We can also set up social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube, while pushing your brand all over the internet.  #winning.
The best part about getting with a social media/seo expert is that within a matter of months (sometimes weeks), your business will be afforded an opportunity to be found fast. For instance, if your business is in New York, once we attach the keywords “Heating and Cooling NYC” or “Plumbing NYC” or “Emergency Plumber NYC” or “NYC Water Heater Repair” to any one of your social media pages, people will notice and take action.

JWR Media is a brand that focuses on business development and social media aspects. Feel free to reach out to us in the contact us section for more information.


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Move with the Media, or get towed


In a world of ever changing media,

Information reigns king. Throughout all of the gigabytes and megabytes and Millions of bits and pieces of transferring information circulate the universe of the Internet and the media world.

The only question left to ask is how does it benefit us in our lives today.

Let’s take a company like tippy top towing for our example purposes as we explore the significance that the advancements of technology and media can have on their operations and business latitude.

Many people don’t realize that in today’s day in age you have to wake up and you have to get ahead just to stay current because if you’re not progressing you’re falling behind.

And there is no better field than in business and entrepreneurship to explore that truth.

Reliability is key.

A house divided against itself cannot stand. And because reliability is one of the foundational standards onto which anything can be built to last, Tippy top Towing has grown to become one of the premier names in the industry due to their reliable towing service.

And because of the work that they do behind the scenes to where there’s no cameras watching there’s no customers peeking in and there’s no people over their shoulders giving them perks and critiques.

They are then able to produce the necessary media to reflect and relay that message to their customers of responsibility and reliability.

The timing of excellence.

Everything in this universe is constantly in motion never standing still and always has a rhythm and a timing.

Sometimes we can get stuck in the rut of a down tempo timing and appear to lose sight of the up beat that we are supposed to be showing our lives to dance to the beat to when we feel the music.

Yet however this towing company understands the timing of success and therefore offers quick roadside assistance making sure that the needs of the customer are meet in a timely fashion.

How does our media help?

So us here at jwr media are committed to being the media medium between the brand and the consumer that is ready to catapult businesses that are ready to takeoff and catapult into the big leagues such as Tippy Top Towing.

There’s a great big world out there with many beautiful things available for those are ready to buckle up and hustle and make something happen and then get it out there to the world.

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shutterstock_11 g gvgv6101690

We live in a day.

Where media and information has become like a for profit corporation where the Stories and topics that gain play and airwaves are the ones that will paint a picture that benefits the agendas of whatever institution has their hands and interests in the media platform being used.

So consider this a call to action for all of the media consumers out there to have a filter on to be able to discern the truth from all of the faucets out there circulating the internet today.

To be able to seek out and discern the truth for themselves not just accepting something just because it’s on Fox News or CNN or all of these other television or radio or media outlets.

A prime example.

Is the overwhelming media coverage of the allegations against Bill Cosby who supposedly according to the media allegedly Assaulted or took advantage of a number of different women who continue to surface out of the woodwork from many many many years ago.

I’m sure if you weren’t living under a rock for the past year or so that you probably heard something about it and maybe have formed your own opinions about whether he was guilty or innocent.

Well the intention of this post is not to bring up the debate of whether he did or whether he didn’t it is strictly the fact that when he was proven innocent and the charges were dropped, The media conveniently do not cover that fact, but however left the tarnished image of his legacy in the minds of those who didn’t filter for the truth themselves.

We are committed to a spirit of truth here at JWR Media.

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Media Madness


Are You Ready for the truth?

Can you stand the heat of looking inside at yourself and your habits to see if there’s some kind of Disproportionate reliance upon The crutch of comfortability convenience and ease that seems to be seeping more and more into humanity through the medium of technology?

Some months ago I was having a conversation with a constituent of mine, And we actually converted the conversation into a podcast where we were just discussing on our take on this generation called Generation X, And how we can see that many of the you th are taking on an unhealthy obsession and maybe a disproportionate amount of unfocused time and wasteful effort in this technological age.

The saddest thing about it is the fact that in this day and age you could do so much quickly efficiently and build Something so magnificent in just above and beyond with anyone in the previous ages without these tools and resources could even imagine.

But sadly we look at the current state of affairs and see that these young people are obsessed with how many likes, Comments shares retweets DM’s instant messengers in snapchat videos these young people can get just to fill their desire for attention.

As A Company that offers solutions into the world of media and technology,

Considered this message as us fulfilling our duty to make sure that those are who are engaged in this thrilling and amazing ride of advances in technology Understand that you have to have a narrow focus, discipline and purpose to make the must out of what’s in your hands.

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Tech Guys On Stand By


Here at Jwr media,

We understand the ever constant nature of technological needs and solutions therefore we offer Around the clock technological assistance As an added bonus for those of us who are enrolled in a monthly plan with One of our media plans.

But what If I just need advice?

Regardless of whether you need our guys to main frame over into your computer to Give it a full analysis and proper diagnosis to find out what is not only the problem but what is the root of the problem what is causing it, Or you simply just looking for more information about this new Piece of technology that you were looking To get a better handle on using you can definitely give our guys a call and they will be able to have fully assisted to the best of their well trained ability.

Our guys have went through an extensive training program to be able to help and assist whatever your needs are in a very timely manner and can potentially save you hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Call the Best..

Visit either our home page or go to our main website for more information about the plans And the pricing of the packages that include the tech guys feature as an add on.

And if the problem is something that could be handled and dealt with Via remote operation then it will be no service charge but if there is a need for Our guys to travel 20 miles outside of their zone then there will be a small service fee..


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Immediate Media


Media is Powerful!

It never gets old, the full realization that hits you after you where able to connect with another human being in an advanced manner that may be many many miles away that you may have met years ago in another time and space in your journey of life.

You step back and realize that you can now own devices such as tablets, cameras, phones, and other forms of powerful technological advanced devices whether portable or stationary and accomplish things that could only be dreamed about only a couple decades ago.

Now what does this mean for the future and for the generation of youth who are growing up acclimated and sensitized to using this media and benefiting from its conveniences and advantages while all the same facing the consequences of unproductive and time wasting and brain cell destroying activities that benefit no one but create a comfortable haven to compensate for fears and insecurities.

That’s all taken in to consideration here as a representative of JWR, where we only focus on solid solutions that can create avenues of progress when meeting your needs in any aspect of media, marketing, search engine optimization, branding that are up to date and current with the ever changing nature of the world wide web.

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The Media Spotlight


What are you looking for our media to cover?

These ideas can be dreams or nightmares depending on the angle of the position of the camera for us to be able to pick up what you are putting down when you display the value in what you invest yourself into.

Media is such in important factor in today’s technological landscape, hence social media, business media, artistic media, commercial media, visual media, sports media, information media.

How do you look up and realize the place in history that you exist in here in 2016? It is an amazing time to be alive no?

Even with the judgment that is looming onto parts of the country’s political and economic powers that operate with an agenda to keep the masses of 99% to stay blinded enough to work to make profit for the 1% keeping the real sway of influence and power in the hungry hands of those who seek the profit of riches that can fade away.

Now how does that have to relate to media? C’mon now don’t get lost now I’m taking you on a journey, not too long but just enough.

Welcome to a time where education and information are married to the accumulation of media.


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Are You Lost at Sea with technology?


Are You Lost at Sea with technology?

It is undeniable that we have seen technological advances of massive proportions within the last 10-20 years.

It seems like only yesterday when we had the flip phones or the Razor was the hottest thing running, or even how the BlackBerry was the standard for what was the best in handling mobile business and office operations.

But oh my have times changed, A LOT faster than many if us would like to allow ourselves the learning curve that it would take for us to catch up to speed and educate itself on every new  gadget and gizmo that reaches the market.

And even with all the updates and upgrades, I can actually totally understand your apprehension if the extent of your use of the phone growing up was to simply dial by turning the circular number pad in hopes of hearing an answer from the monotonous dial tone.

Nowadays we have phones that can pinpoint coordinates on planets in outer space, can give a medical facility quality x-ray, can eliminate the necessity for music studios, and video production companies.

So basically, if you are feeling how I described in the title as far as list at Sea with all this technology, I apologize if you thought you would find comfort about declining to participate in the way I see the world continuing to turn..


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Media Minded


You NEED marketing knowledge nowadays if..

You are like me a full of great big ideas yet also understand the capability of delivering a necessary message to the masses who are hungry to see more light and to experience more hope towards a better place and time in existence where we don’t have to enjoy our freedom while still yet stifling the cries of those who are still in a reality of oppression with little to no representation as we turn a deaf ear to the cries that are even our own when we reach the top of what we know and where our current level of awareness and understanding had brought us to.


Send that back to where it came from, How dare someone who has been blessed, saved, favored, and refined as I have been, disgrace the graces that have been given to allow the manifestation of God’s excellence bring wise and caring rule throughout this turbulent and broken world through this broken vessel who has a heart disposition that is humbled into service and submission of will to the Almighty in whom is ALL of the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory forever and ever AMEN…



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JWR Media, we teach designing & how to market well on the internet


Marketing on the internet is about differentiating yourself from the competition, whatever the cost.

Solve the biggest problem facing small business

What is the biggest problem facing most small businesses today? that’s right obscurity, you want to become the purple elephant in your space by being edgy.

There is a reason why sex sells, and why so many internet guys out there today become excellent marketers on and offline. You begin to understand human psychology.

At the end of the day, attention is king. and here at JWR Media we do everything we can to build the biggest empire of social media and smart marketing tools for young entrepreneurs.

What you want is always one mentor away. When you have the right mentors you will get big time rewards and this is what we do at JWR Media, we coach you on how to become the best media marketer online.


We use different programs like Adobe Photoshop and other awesome program to give you guys the latest & most fashionable designs you can ask for! get to know us more and stay tuned to this amazing blog

where we bring you latest in media marketing technology, there’s even free forms of marketing out there that you can get into and we dive deep into the technical know hows each and every time, you will not be disappointed.


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